Hair Dresser North West London

If you’re looking for a new hair dresser in North West London, Gianni Capitanio is the perfect choice for you

A trip to the hairdressers should be a time to relax, unwind and treat yourself to a spot of luxury. It should be a place where you can socialise and invent a new look, something that you don’t quite get with your average hairdresser.

It can often feel as though some hairdressers rush you though your haircut, meaning the personal touch is lost. No longer do you get to talk about your hair ideas or where you’re next trip is taking you.

Due to this the magic is lost and the visit is no longer the same. If you want a truly personal service when you get your hair cut, Gianni Capitanio is here for you.

When you have an appointment with Gianni, you will be his one and only focus throughout. With no interrupts or rushed haircuts, you can take your time and relax with Gianni. Listening to your requirements and using his expert eye, he will be able to give you a haircut that you’ll be proud to show off.