Hair Dresser St Johns Wood


Looking for a new hair dresser in St Johns Wood?

Choosing a new hair dresser can be a daunting venture for men and women alike. You’ll need someone who is talented, engaging and will listen to your requirements. Whilst there may be various hairdressers in St Johns Wood, no one is more sought after than Gianni Capitanio.

When you visit Gianni, you will be his only focus throughout your appointment. He is equally as talented as he is professional and only has one client in his salon at a time.

Not only is Gianni able to share your vision but will use his expertise to give you a style that you’ll be proud to wear. Your appointment will be all about you and your hair, giving you the chance to build a rapport with Gianni. Unlike other hair dressers, Gianni truly believes in the personal touch and treats all of his clients with respect and professionalism at all times. 

If you’d like to become one of Gianni’s clients, call him today on 020 7625 9003. He has some fantastic reviews left by many of his very happy clients, so why not check them out today?