Hairdresser North West London

Have you been trying to find a hairdresser in North West London?

Choosing a new hairdresser isn’t always an easy decision. You need to find someone who listens to your requirements, has a flare for style and a true passion for hair.  Whether you’ve moved into the area and need a new hairdresser, or simply want a change, Gianni Capitanio is a popular choice for many in the area.

When you visit Gianni, you will have the ultimate experience that you don’t get with other salons in the areas. Unlike many other hairdressers, you will be Gianni’s sole focus in the salon with no interruptions from other clients.

Gianni tailors each appointment to the individual, and makes a real effort to make sure that your comfort and relaxation comes first. He will take the time to understand what you would like, whether you fancy a new look or a bold change, and use his expertise to create a look suited to you. 

For an appointment that is built around you and your hair, choose Gianni Capitanio today. If you’d like to book an appointment with Gianni, give him a call on 020 7625 9003.