Gianni has been doing my hair for a couple of years now, I was delighted to hear he was opening his own salon. I travel an hour each way just so Gianni can work his magic and make me look fabulous! Gianni has given me the confidence to go through some dramatic changes with my hair in the last year. I’ve gone from long and dark brown to short styled platinum blonde! There are not a lot of people I would trust to be in control of such a transformation! I can honestly say that I have loved all of my hair styles and colours, Gianni always gets it right! I LOVE the new salon, it is so calm and relaxing. I have and would recommend him to everyone.... spot on hair genius! He does indeed make me feel like a princess and I always feel like a star when I leave the salon. Gianni is my one and only hairdresser.... once his magical hands have touched your hair, there’s no going back!
— Jacqui