On a rainy Saturday morning I left my flat to go for brunch and papers...I didn’t know then that my hair’s life was about to change dramatically. A new salon had just opened, and I decided to pop in to cheer myself up. It was the best decision I ever made, because I met Gianni. He is not just a hairdresser, he is THE hairdresser. Gianni is first of all incredibly talented and professional, but the atmosphere in the salon is totally great too. He cut my fringe and you know what it’s like with fringes: every 10 days or so you have to go back for a fix. Not this time, Gianni achieved the unachievable: a gracefully growing fringe. I was so happy I went back for my highlights. Once again I was amazed with the results...and my hair felt in great condition too! Since that fateful morning I have been addicted to Gianni Capitanio. He has the best treats in store for your hair, his company is delightful, his clients chatty and friendly, he spoils you like a princess and overall he offers you a 5 star service. I won’t go anywhere else; Gianni is not a hairdresser, he’s a magician.
— Penelope